Who we are

With the concern for environment and health growing among the people across the world, ethical consumerism is no longer an unfamiliar concept. And when it comes to the clients of PCES, a tilt towards the green pest management is clearly evident. As we all know green pest management is a pest control strategy by using organic or plant-based materials. However, sometimes non organic materials are also used in green pest management as they too can be non-toxic. In PCES we stress on safety of humans and pets and that's why only use world's safest chemicals manufactured by Bayer CropScience and FMC. We not only rely on green products but also provide most competitive services to our customers. For implementing the services by using safest products available worldwide, we train our technicians and staff by multiple reputed institutions such as Bayer, IPCA, Acheta, NPMA and in-house training programmes.