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Weed can be defined as unwanted vegetative growth which can cause economic damage to the agricultural fields, fire hazard in case of power plants and can serve as breeding place for poisonous snake and reptiles. The control methods are as under:

(Pre-emergence control)
We use Pendimethalin 30% EC or equivalent pre-emergence herbicide to control most of the weeds problem. Comprehensive spraying will be carried-out on the top of the soil surface thoroughly for a uniform application of the chemical. This pre-emergence herbicides will control weeds before the germination of the seeds. In some cases if the seeds have already germinated in some of the treated areas it can be easily controlled by post-emergence weed control method.

(Post- emergence control)
We use broad-spectrum non-selective, post-emergence herbicide such as Glyphosate 41% SL which is highly effective on several grasses and broad leaf weeds. It is a systemic herbicides which has no soil activity. It is absorbed by green plant parts and is translocated rapidly throughout the plant to the roots and storage organs in enough quantity to kill the entire plants. An uniform spraying in 0.5% concentration is recommended for optimum control.