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The air and surfaces inside our homes may look clean to the naked eye, but in reality, it may be contaminated with harmful microorganisms/pathogens that contain airborne and viral diseases. They are extremely contagious and spread among individuals from the following methods:

  • Breathing in airborne droplets suspended via sneezing/coughing from an infected person
  • Consuming virus-contaminated food/water
  • Vectors, that carry disease causing pathogens – mosquitoes, ticks and rats
  • Physical touching of surfaces containing the virus

With the recent rise of Covid-19, citizens to focus on staying healthy and hygienic. There are many ways to prevent yourself and your dear ones from getting these deadly diseases.

PCES Pest Solutions has designed an effective treatment which has proved to be effective in thorough Disinfection and Disease Control. This Disinfection and Sanitation treatment should be introduced into your premises to keep you and your family safe. When there are fewer microbes present, the risk of cross-contamination – the spreading of diseases REDUCES manyfold.

Disinfection & Sanitization

Our service involves a thorough misting treatment to deliver disinfection to the entire space. The mist will be directed at a high point to let it fall naturally on all the contact surfaces. Your home gets disinfected in a couple of hours. This service ensures optimum hygiene and protection by providing a clean, germ-free environment and preventing the spread of dangerous diseases. Our Disinfection and Sanitation Service will keep your premises safe from disease-causing organisms and cross-infections in an enclosed area.

Before entering your premise, our technicians will:

  • Use Hand Sanitizer
  • Wear Shoe Covers, Masks and other Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs)

Our disinfection service will help:

  • Reduce the risk of cross infection in an enclosed area
  • Safe and comfortable environment that offers peace of mind

Responsible actions like hand hygiene and social distancing to be taken during pandemic outbreak

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